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Neuroma is a painful condition affecting the nerves of the forefoot, making walking very uncomfortable. Dr. James C. Graham, an experienced podiatrist and foot and ankle surgeon at Graham Family Foot & Ankle Care, is an expert at treating men and women of all ages in Effingham, Illinois, and the surrounding communities for neuromas and a variety of related foot conditions. Call or schedule an appointment online with Dr. Graham today.

Neuroma Q&A

What is a neuroma?

A neuroma is a painful condition that is sometimes referred to as a pinched nerve, a nerve tumor, or Morton’s neuroma. A benign growth of nerves forms as the tissue around the nerves leading to your toe thickens. It typically occurs between your third and fourth toes and affects the ball of your foot.

A number of factors may affect the formation of a neuroma, including:

  • High arches or flat feet
  • Trauma to your toe or foot that causes nerve damage
  • Wearing high-heel shoes
  • Repetitive stress to your feet as a result of your occupation

What are the symptoms of a neuroma?

There usually isn’t an outward sign of a neuroma, like a bump or lump under your toes, but this nerve condition can be very painful. Symptoms typically include:

  • Pain between your third and fourth toes (or other toes)
  • Tingling, numbness, and pain in the ball of your foot
  • Swelling between your toes
  • The feeling of standing on a pebble or having a fold in your sock under your toes

Is it necessary to see a doctor for a neuroma?

Whenever you have foot pain lasting longer than a few days, it’s a good idea to make an appointment with Dr. Graham so he can examine your foot and determine the exact cause of your pain. He does a physical exam and applies slight pressure to your foot to check for signs of tenderness in the area of the neuroma.

If you do have a neuroma, and depending on the severity of it, Dr. Graham recommends nonsurgical therapies like proper footwear, custom shoe inserts (orthotics), metatarsal pads, and/or other foot pads to relieve the pressure on the nerves in your foot. If the neuroma doesn’t respond to these methods, there are surgical options that Dr. Graham explains in detail so you know what to expect should you require that route of treatment.

Dr. Graham offers many nonsurgical and surgical options in his office with a compassionate, knowledgeable team who is with you every step of the way from diagnosis through recovery. Call or schedule an appointment online to learn about neuroma treatment options.